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Mertz Insurance Group is a Christian insurance agency that started business on January 1, 2000.  Our main focus was calling on Local Labor Unions in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri.  From then to present we have added six more states: Illinois, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.

We began calling on Labor Unions at the request of my Uncle, Robert Georgine.  At the time Mr. Georgine was the President of the Building & Construction Trades, AFL-CIO, and he was also the Chairman of the Board of Ullico Insurance.  

Currently, we insure between 250 and 300 Local Labor Unions, Joint Apprenticeships, and Fund Offices.  We continue to grow because our clients see the value of having an agent that understands Labor Unions and the various risks that affect them, and we continue to grow through the referrals they give us.

We are different than other agencies that call on Labor Unions because we meet with every client personally every quarter, while most agencies do a lot of their work over the phone.  We also offer full policy reviews, personal property inventories, and building valuations, because we want every client to be aware of what they own, and what will be paid if they have a claim.

We are always expanding the products and services that we offer our clients, but for the most part, we offer Property and Casualty products (i.e. Property, General Liability, Automobile, Workers Compensation, Umbrella, Cyber, Crime, Fiduciary Liability, Union Liability (D&O), Stop Loss and Accidental Medical.

We’ve been blessed over the years to work with some very good people, and they can always expect Mertz Insurance Group to give them the products and services they deserve, and to do it with honesty and integrity.

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